Our Energy Future: A Call to Action

ACE will host an action-oriented forum on Saturday, March 7, 2015, 2-4 pm at the Keating Centre, St. Francis Xavier University. All are welcome!

Learn about Nova Scotia’s electricity system from Catherine Abreu, Energy Coordinator at the Ecology Action Centre.  Then choose one of four concurrent sessions on these action-oriented topics:
1. How to reduce your energy bill: tips from Efficiency Nova Scotia for renters and owners
2. Energy self-sufficiency projects: make your own electricity from the sun, save money and reduce your carbon footprint
3. Sustainable local wood supplies: a panel of experts* helps us understand what is happening to our forests and what we can do about it
4. Sustainable energy cooperative project: practical ideas for local energy cooperatives

*Bob Bancroft, Peter Burchill, Peter Clancy, Tim Bailey, and Paul van de Wiel

ACE forum II


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