Biofuels from Anaerobic Digestion

Major Resource: Canadian Biogas Association (CBA)
Canadian Biogas Study – Summary (30 pp PDF) & Technical Document (93 pp PDF)

Basic Process
Anaerobic Digestion (US Dept. of Energy)
Anaerobic Digestion (Wikipedia)
Anaerobic Digestion Systems (WtERT)
Biogas Primer: Technology, Markets & Challenges (EPA PDF – 2012, 30 pp)

Organics Materials Primer for Biogas (CBA PDF – 2014, 23 pp)

Anaerobic Digesters – Farm Opportunities & Pathways (Minnesota, 2011)
Farm to Fuel – Developers Guide to Biomethane (CBA PDF – 2012, 33 pp)
Google search – small farm digester
Anaerobic Digesters Aren’t Just for Large Dairy Farms (2012)
The Biogas Opportunity in Wisconsin – Strategic Plan (PDF – 2011, 33  pp)

Household Organics
Nova Scotia Environment – Compost Maturity Study (PDF – 2008, 65 pp)

Industrial/Commercial/Institutional (ICI) Organics

Landfill Gas
Municipal Solid Waste and GHGs (Environment Canada)
Municipal Guide to Biogas (CBA PDF – 2015, 40 pp)
LFG Energy Project Development Handbook (US EPA PDF- 2015, 94 pp)
Highland Energy (Dartmouth NS) web-site

Municipal Wastewater
Sewage sludge treatment – Wikipedia
Google search: anaerobic sewage treatment plant design
Antigonish biosolids removal – 1996, 2004

Case Studies
Biogas Project Profiles (US)

Newspaper/Internet articles, videos
Wind power of an’udder sort (Chronicle Herald, 2014)
Power of poop: NS dairy farmers turn cow manure into energy (CTV, 2014)
Laforge Biogas Digester to Produce Electricity (2010)
Farming at the Frontier of Renewable Energy (2015)
Turning Manure into Electricity (YouTube, 9:17)
Anaerobic Digestion: Beyond Waste Management (YouTube, 7:28)
Types of Digesters (YouTube, 2:06:14)

Environment Canada GHG Calculator for Waste Management
Small-Scale Biogas Plant Assessment Tool (WSU)
Anaerobic Digestion Calculator

Contacts & Resources
Highland Energy (Dartmouth NS – landfill gas project design & construction)
PlanET Biogas Solutions (St. Catharines ON)
American Biogas Council web-site
EPA AgStar web-site