Community Energy Plans



Bridgewater, NS: Municipal Energy Mangagement Plan, 2015-2019, and Energize Bridgewater, “a community-wide initiative to accelerate the transition of [Bridgewater] into a ‘sustainable energy future’.”
Halifax, NS: website, report (2007)
Stratford, PEI
Faro, YT
East Gwillimbury, ON
Guelph, ON
North Cowichan, BC
Vancouver, BC This illustrated guide to community energy planning explains the basic concepts in terms that are easy for non-experts to understand. It serves as an introduction to community energy planning and its benefits and provides case studies from Surrey and Richmond. Although relying on urban examples, many of the principles would apply in Antigonish Town and County. There is also an interactive web extension that covers much of the same material interactively.
Vaughan, ON


Arlington, Virginia: report, presentation
Corvalis, Oregon This example is of particular interest because the process was initiated and run by a coalitition of community groups
Totnes & District, UK
Hassoks, UK