Community Energy Planning: Designing the Process, Tuesday, February 7, 6:30-8:30 pm, Assembly Hall, Bethany

Planning the plan. After reviewing several existing guidelines for Community Energy Planning (see Resources>Guides) we decided to use the Community Energy Strategic Planning (CESP) guidelines as our primary resource. However, to design a process that reflects our unique situation, we need to select the most relevant elements of the CESP process, add elements from other guidelines, and integrate these into a coherent whole.

Intended Outcomes: 1) A rough plan for the entire process (including guidelines and other resources to tap at each stage) with the first steps mapped out in more detail. 2) Actions, timelines and division of responsibilities for the first steps.

Recommended Preparation: Familiarity with the CESP guidelines and some knowledge of other resources that may add value.

All are welcome!



Community Energy Planning: Tuesday January 17, 6:30-8:30 pm, ***RE-LOCATED TO*** AH Roy, 275 Main St.


6:30 Welcome Back and Overview of ACE Work to Date
6:40 The US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Guide to the Community Energy Strategic Plan (CESP) approach Steps 1-4 (Discussions and Planning)
7:45 Next Steps – Messaging and Engagement of Champions, Leadership Team and Community Stakeholders
8:15 STFX Service Learning Teams Updates
8:20 Agenda for February 7th, March 7th and April 11th Meetings
8:30 Closure
All are welcome!


Community Energy Planning: Thursday December 1, 6:30-8:30 pm, Assembly Hall, Bethany


  1. ACE/StFX possible service learning options for 2017 (Frank, Sister Donna and Arlynne) (15 minutes)
  2. Our current energy system (Margo, Paul, Sue and Jay) (25 minutes)
  3. Community energy planning frameworks: recomendations for ACE (Margo, Jason and others) (30 minutes)
  4. Energy action team progress report: Biomass and biofuels (Jay, Karen and Hugh) (30 minutes)
  5. Dr. Louise Comeau, from the Conservation Council of New Brunswick Energy Planning (Sister Donna) (10 minutes)
  6. Date and focus for January monthly meeting + Date for February community energy Forum III (10 minutes)
All are welcome!


Community Energy Planning: Thursday October 27, 6:30-8:30 pm, Assembly Hall, Bethany


6:30 pm: Welcome, Agenda Review and Evening Desired Outcomes, Re-Cap on ACE Mission, Guiding Principles, Goal Statement (Purpose) and Website
6:45 pm: Solidification of a Shared Future Energy State (Vision for 2025 / 2035 and 2050)
7:15 pm: Identification of Pathways for Change (Mitigation Targets and Pathways)
8:00 pm: Upcoming Action Team Deliverables (December / January / February)
8:20 pm: Next Steps
8:30 pm: Closure
All are welcome.


Community Energy Planning: Tuesday June 7, 6:30-8:30 pm, Assembly Hall, Bethany

6:30 Welcome – Agenda Review 
6:40 STFX Service Learning Students – Margo
Objective: To review potential service learning job opportunities for ACE to explore.
7:00 Energy Poverty Presentation – Guest Sister Marion Sheridan, Antigonish Affordable Housing Society
Objective: to gain perspective and insights into energy savings
7:20 Efficiency One – Guest Donald Dodge
Objective: to gain insight and to deepen the ACE efficiency draft goals and objectives
7:50 Community Energy Strategic Planning – Dan and Frank
Objective: to propose a design / process for strengthening the ACE community energy plan goals and objectives
8:00 ACE Research and Action Groups – Group Leaders
Objective # 1: to review a process people can work on / feed into master documents
Objective # 2: to gain insight and to deepen the ACE efficiency draft goals and objectives
8:25 Securing Anchor Partners (Who They Are ~ Who Can Help?) and Next Steps (July / August)
8:30 Closure
All are welcome.  For more information, contact Frank Gallant (

Community Energy Planning: Laying the Foundations

Next planning meeting: Tuesday, May 3, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, Assembly Hall, Bethany

All are welcome.

Antigonish Community Energy is laying the foundations for community energy planning in the Antigonish area. Six teams are doing research on topics essential to understanding how we get and use energy. The topics are:

1. Efficiency
2. Economic Development: Local Ownership and Control
3. Solar, Hydro, Geothermal, Wind and Storage Technology
4. Biofuels
5. Natural Gas and Nuclear
6. Scope / Diagnosis of Our Current Energy System


At the meeting on May 3rd we hope to:
  • briefly revisit the six research action groups
  • hear updates on the draft energy plan for Research Action Groups 1 (Efficiency), 2 (Economic Development), and 6 (Scope / Diagnosis)
  • deepen the individual group work researching and exploring the potential of energy options (most of our time will be spent here)
  • explore how to engage additional community stakeholders
  • set a date for bringing a draft community energy plan to the community at large for consultation

Anyone with an interest in any of these topics or who wants to participate is encouraged to come to the meeting on Tuesday, May 3.  For more information, contact Frank Gallant (